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Anomaly Detection Across the Cyber Infrastructure

CYBERSPAN™ provides fundamental cyber protection for small and medium sized Defense Industrial Base (DIB) businesses. CYBERSPAN utilizes information collected at the network boundary to detect changes in network behavior in the one arena an attacker cannot change, raw
packets. Packets do not lie! CYBERSPAN secures traditional IT devices, as well as IoT devices, like Smart TVs, Alexa, Google Home, etc., increasing privacy and security.

Harness the Power of AI and Machine Learning

Detect malicious activity, identify threats, and find mitigations.

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Easy, Secure Client Onboarding with Dedicated Support

Seamless Deployment to Your Network - No Agents to Install

On-Premise AI Analysis Prevents Sensitive Data Exposure

Fortify Against Threats Hidden in Your Network

Bolster Network Tools & Maximize Your Cybersecurity Investments

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